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FITE is born out of our passion for fighting sports as well as our frustration of huddling over the small screen. At FITE, we believe that watching fighting shows on the big screen of your TV, or your friend’s TV, or any TV that’s WiFi connected, should be as simple as switching the TV channel. So here’s FITE, the cross section of entertainment and technology and your home for everything that happens on the mat and between the ropes. Just open the app and it will automatically connect with your smart TV. All you need to do is choose a video and tap play.
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0009 FITE Mar 29 02:15 AM - 05:38 AM
Venue: Northampton County Ground, Northhamton, Northamptonshire, England UK Main: Ryan Spillane vs. Joaquim "Thorasgard" Carvahal Co-main: David McCallum vs. Alan Thomas Undercard: Corey Beldon vs. Lukasz Ksionek Undercard: Magdalena Giec vs. Molly Lyndsey Undercard: Lionel Alexis vs. Adrian Glyk Undercard: Sam Webb vs. Billy Fenech Undercard: Jay Thomas Tovee vs. Andre Cranston Undercard: Jaye John vs. Craig Rumming Undercard: Dinesh Desuali vs. Joe Young Undercard: Attila Hanzel vs. Vasile Cuciuc Undercard: Kyle Wilson vs. Conran Kehoe Undercard: Mark Hodgson vs. Guyla Bus Undercard: Norbert Novenyi vs. Artur Schweinoch Undercard: Michael Garbac vs. Rhino "T King" Daley Undercard: Jordan Garwood vs. Farid Basharat Undercard: Kieran Pepper vs. Farid Achikzai Undercard: Mathieu James vs. Jonathan Patrick


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