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Screen Junkies

Jessica Jones & MCU Team Up?! MOVIE FIGHTS

0201 Screen Junkies Mar 26 04:29 PM - 05:41 PM
Mike Carlson (Actor), Marc Andreyko (Comic Writer, Batwoman), and Roger Barr (I debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore (Honest Trailers) for the week of 11/19: 0:03:13 Best Star Wars Movie? 0:12:27 What character’s origin story do we never ever need to see in a movie again? 0:23:57 What MCU Franchise should Jessica Jones Team Up With? 0:32:50 If you could live inside any Disney movie which one would you pick? 0:41:57 Pitch us a title and logline for the Fourth Planet of the Apes movie… 0:49:32 Best Stallone Movie that’s NOT Rocky or Rambo 0:58:58 SPEED ROUND


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