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Thank you for checking up on us at www.tikilive.com and for considering us for your streaming projects. You can White-Label at some of the features to include everything on this page: - Broadcast your HD video or radio channel, or both! - Connect to Facebook, Twitter, and multiple other social sites so your followers and friends can receive updates on your newest posts, blogs updates, and recent LIVE streams, right from - FREE HD Broadcaster to publish unlimited live HD events/channels without any proprietary equipment - The HD Wave broadcasting tool to stream events LIVE in high definition with only a few simple clicks and no proprietary equipment - Channel Manager to create playlists to have content available 24/7 - Record all of your LIVE events to have content available 24/7 for your subscribers - Monetize channels and accounts by charging PPV for LIVE events and VOD content - Schedule LIVE and Channel Manager events and notify subscribers - Stream to web browsers, Set Top Boxes like Roku, mobile devices, and tablets! - Build your own website with the WordPress plugin tool - Watch our Help Desk tutorials to get started and become a pro using Consider upgrading your subscription in order to benefit from many more features, including more bandwidth for your streaming needs. See our available packages here: www.tikilive.com/upgrade CONTACT US TO CLAIM YOUR SPECIALS EACH WEEK! Thank you and let's get streaming!
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TikiLIVE Help Desk

TikiLIVE Europe Office

0109 TikiLIVE Help Desk Jun 27 01:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Thank you for choosing TikiLIVE.com as your new HD iPTV service provider. We are live to assist you Mo-Fri 3.00am-5.00pm EST! TikiLIVE Features for your Live or Recorded Content on all displays including PC, smartphones, tablets, TVs and game consoles! The newest TikiLIVE media player allows for you to: - Host Pay Per View events and sell your tickets online - Share your news on social networks: Facebook, Twitter etc. - Build your own brand with the latest Word Press plugins - Monetize your channels by offering your associates a fee based channel


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Great features added on TikiLIVE!
2 months, 2 days ago
The new upgrade looks awesome !! Good Job Tiki team !!!
3 months, 4 weeks ago
@echosamuel we have answered to this item in ticket 7161. Please check the ticket and post the rest of the details there
9 months, 4 weeks ago
hi,i want to subscribe to the midrange live streaming package for six months ,but i need a discount
and i am trying to convince my organization to use tikilive for our next project,and the condition i was given is that if i can get a discount then they will use tikilive, since other providers have offered us discounts if will subscribe
9 months, 4 weeks ago
@ smorr007: We have answered to your questions in to the support ticket # 7073;
More details can be checked on your dashboard area here:
Thank you, Cipri
Support Team
11 months, 1 day ago
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