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Watch the 2018 West Coast Dowser Conference live from Santa Cruz, California Over 30 hours of world-class dowsing content, available for your viewing pleasure until August 30th, just $59.00! To sign up copy and paste this link: ------ http://www.tikilive.com/ppv ------ To see the full schedule copy and paste this link--- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qffRuh9yZ1Y ---- If we can assist you in any way please email us at cwren72550@aol.com
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West Coast Dowsers Live-Stream

WestCoast Dowser LiveStream

11906 West Coast Dowsers Live-Stream Jun 22 08:01 PM - Aug 30 03:05 AM
The 2018 West Coast Dowsing Conference Live-Stream "Intuition Into Action" Watch over twenty dowsing presentations over four days, live-streamed from Santa Cruz. 4 days of Live-Stream and unlimited viewing until August 30th just $59.00! If we can assist you in any way please email us at cwren72550@aol.com See the full schedule here----- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qffRuh9yZ1Y 


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How am I able to see the videos from Saturday? (702) 816-2192 -- Steve
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