Manage Ads

Broadcasters have the possibility in create their own ads campaigns and enable or disable ad playback on their channels and videos.

Logged in your account dashboard, click on the My Advertising Accounts link, under the Publishing Account section:

My Advertising Accounts-1


On the My Advertising Accounts page, users can customize their settings for advertisements:


1. Click here to enable or disable the ads campaigns.

2. Select from the drop-down menu Yume ads provider.

Note: in order to add Yume ads on your content, users need to have a Yume account.

3. Insert here the Yume server domain

4. Insert here the domain ID.

5. Insert here the Yume Pub Channel name.

6. Check the boxes to select the type of ads you want displayed on your videos: pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll add.

7. Check the box to enable pre-roll ads on live streaming channels.

8. Select if you want to enable or disable Yume ads display on Roku.