Play content from iOS devices on Apple TV

Users can now watch TikiLIVE channels on Apple TV box. Viewers must have an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) and Apple TV box connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Once video stream plays on the browser of your iPad or iPhone, you can redirect it to play on your Apple TV box.

Note: the option is not available on the iOS application.

When multiple AirPlay devices are connected to the same network, a button is displayed on your mobile device:


Click the button to open AirPlay picker menu in order to view all available devices.


Once the menu opens, you can select where you want the channel to play:


1. Click here to watch the content on iPad

2. Click here to watch the content on Apple TV box


When video stream is redirected to Apple TV box, a notification message is displayed on your iPad or iPhone:



Note: once a channel is redirected to Apple TV box, other content (videos and radio channels) will play on Apple TV. You can select the content on your mobile device and watch it on Apple TV.


If you want the content to play on your mobile device again, select any channel and touch the button again to open AirPlay picker menu:


You can select the device you want the channel to play.

Note: in case you find any difficulties in connecting the iOS devices, you can check the following page for information