How to watch a DVR video

Note: DVR Storage is unlimited for the time being

To watch your recorded content, you can access the programs from the DVR page:

Access DVR-1


Click on one of the available videos to watch them:

watch DVR content-2

1. Click on the video thumbnail to watch the video.


A details page will appear with the video’s information. Click the Watch Now button to play the video:

watch DVR content-3

1. Here you can see the video title.

2. Here you can see extra detail about the video such as how long it is, the date it was recorded, and video details.

3. Here you can see the description for the video.

4. Click the button here to watch the video.

5. Click the button here to delete the video from your library.


The player will pop up allowing you to watch the recorded video:

watch DVR content-4

You can use the media controls on your remove to play, pause, fast forward, and rewind the video.