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MAR 2 - 02:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST   

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TikiLIVE Help Desk

by TikiLIVE
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Thank you for checking up on us at and for considering us for your streaming projects.

You can White-Label at TikiLIVE some of the features to include everything on this page:

- Broadcast your HD video or radio channel, or both!
- Connect to Facebook, Twitter, and multiple other social sites so your followers and friends can receive updates on your newest posts, blogs updates, and recent LIVE streams, right from TikiLIVE
- FREE HD Broadcaster to publish unlimited live HD events/channels without any proprietary equipment
- The HD Wave broadcasting tool to stream events LIVE in high definition with only a few simple clicks and no proprietary equipment
- Channel Manager to create playlists to have content available 24/7
- Record all of your LIVE events to have content available 24/7 for your subscribers
- Monetize channels and accounts by charging PPV for LIVE events and VOD content
- Schedule LIVE and Channel Manager events and notify subscribers
- Stream to web browsers, Set Top Boxes like Roku, mobile devices, and tablets!
- Build your own website with the WordPress plugin tool
- Watch our Help Desk tutorials to get started and become a pro using TikiLIVE

Consider upgrading your subscription in order to benefit from many more features, including more bandwidth for your streaming needs. See our available packages here:


Thank you and let's get streaming!


corneliu (2 weeks, 6 days ago)
@EmilEmil we have answered on the ticket that we created on your account - your account was updated properly.
EmilEmil (3 weeks, 1 day ago)

could you check if my subscription went through via paypal 49.99
corneliu (1 month, 4 days ago)
@husain111 - You can start a radio station on TikiLIVE without having the broadcaster. you can use Audio playlists and stream them on the channel or you can use the broadcasters that we have testes and confirmed as working on our platform, the ones listed on the following manual page:
corneliu (1 month, 4 days ago)
@tazinfluence - on the Upgrade page you can view the Simultaneous Live Viewers for each package:
For the Free package the limit is 5 viewers
tazinfluence (1 month, 5 days ago)
how many listeners are you allowed on a free account? why is it not specified ?

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