May 28th, 2010

When speaking of streaming audio, video and data, few mention the ability connect via RTMP. It’s the behind-the-scenes genius that entertains and enriches our Internet lives without ever getting mentioned.  Real Time Messaging Protocol is utilized on networks across the world to stream media by pushing the same content to multiple locations and networks. It’s the protocol that Adobe adopted for communicating between a computer’s Flash player and a server that streams the media. Originally developed by Macromedia, RTMP and Flash have become common place amount standard web browsing, especially the success of streaming video and the success of its current developer Adobe.

The RTMP works on a variety of levels helping to establish it as the de facto protocol for Flash which reigns supreme in web-based streaming media. The RTMP protocol and its various forms work with other protocols, TCP, HTTP and HTTPS to allow data to be transmitted between a server and a Flash software on a computer. The RTMP is like a translator making sure server and clients understand each other and work together. It’s the backbone of Flash-based streaming video and an essential part of streaming media. It’s something Eyepartner’s products don’t mention a lot, but it plays a significant role. RTMP servers communicate with RTMP clients such as the Flash player, giving complete support for streaming media over the Internet.

RTMP works by establishing one constant connection between a server and a client which is basically a link between a server and a user’s PC. RTMP utilizes the chunking of data into pieces that can be uploaded and downloaded based on the specifics of the server and client. The specifics vary for different types of media such as video and audio and live versus On-Demand. The RTMP approach keeps Flash-based video streaming constant and connected, allowing video to be downloaded in pieces over time rather than all at once, which would create an Internet traffic jam.

Eyepartner is in the process of integrating RTMP streaming within the current players available on TikiLIVE as well as to stream directly via RTMP through The HD Wave. Combining with the features and business solutions found in the products such as The Channel Manager allows one to stream both Live and psudo-live content to multiple networks. Eyepartner’s solutions allow users a way to monetize and generate revenue from streaming media at its highest quality and deliver them to a wide variety of networks.

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