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Cooking a Key Lime Pie with Krusty

by southernmostsunset
8 months and 3 weeks ago

Today we're going to make a key lime pie in one minute.

When they say easy as pie, they were talking about key lime pie.
There's only 3 ingredients:

It's 4 4 1
4 ounces of key lime juice
4 egg yolks
1 can of sweetened condensed milk

It's a real simple recipe.

Put the key lime juice in first, to wet the bottom of the bowl.
Add the can of sweetened condensed milk, and it has to be sweetened condensed milk. You can't use whole milk, organic milk, vitamin d milk, when this pie was invented, there was no such thing as electricity in the florida keys, therefore you could not refridgerate. This pie will cook itself on the counter if you let it, but I prefer to bake it in the oven just to make sure you kill any solmonella in it. Add your egg yolks in last, whip it up for just a minute, if even that. Once all the igredients are blended, the egg yolks are all gone and it turns to one consistent color, you're ready.

Since you seperated your egg whites from your yolks, you can put your egg whites aside, and if later on you would like to turn it into a marange and pop it back in the oven and make a key lime pie marange, feel free to do so. They're really good.

And That's It.
It's Done.

Pour it in the pie crust and you're ready to go.

And once you've poured it into the pie crust, just pop it into the oven for 15 minutesat 325.

And that's all it takes

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