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Welcome to The Chef’s Kitchen! Here you’ll find some amazing recipes and great tips on how to make some delicious meals for you and your family. With Ingles chefs and host Josh Michael, they will walk you through the steps with plenty of fun and flavor along the way.
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Chefs Kitchen

Shrimp Santorini with Cajun Salmon Salad

Chefs Kitchen Mar 3 11:21 AM - 12:08 PM
Program 1: Harry's Hospitality Group, Savoy, Seafood and Kid Shelleen's - Raw Bar, Hamachi, Ceviche, Grilled Shrimp Tacos, Steak | Welcome to The Chef's Kitchen, joining us is Chef Banks and we will be making an array of dishes from Harry's Hospitality Group Program 2: Shrimp Santorini with Cajun Salmon Salad Shrimp Santorini with Cajun Salmon Salad | Welcome to The Chef's Kitchen Restaurant We're here at Nordon Preferred Kitchens Equipment Studios joining us is Chef Andy and Alex Kamaratos of Andy's We are making Shrimp Santorini with Cajun Salmon Salad, a classic greek dish recreated for his Diners


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