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Diocesan Bishop Lloyd Lockett and First Lady Pastor Carolyn Lockett are the chief executive officers (CEO), developers and founders of multiple online companies. This outstanding anointed husband and wife team are one of Christendom's most well-respected leaders in the business world as well as the church body. Pastor Lloyd T. Lockett is the founder of Global Family Empowerment Ministries Network TV. Pastors Lloyd and Carolyn dedicated to helping people live an empowered life full of Christian principles. A word from Pastor Lloyd T. Lockett, quote “ It takes a free man to free a bound one. We serve a God that is infinite in power, presence, and knowledge. God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and he is providing holistic healing for the homosapien creation and you are His prized possessions beloved. If we trust God and push forward toward our dreams, the enemy’s hold on us will loosen and our imperfections, failures, and shortcomings will no longer be one of our options” Unquote.
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