My Pictures

Logged in as a user, on the My Pictures link under the My Account chapter where you will be able to manage your uploaded images.

My Pictures-1


On My Pictures page, you can manage all the images you previously uploaded and you can upload new ones:

Edit Payment Info-02

1. Check this box if you wish to select all of your images in order to delete them.

2. Click the drop-down menu to delete your selected images.

3. Check this box here if you plan to delete the image.

4. Here you can see the thumbnail of the image. By clicking on the image thumbnail a pop-up window will open and display the image.

5. Click here to browse an image on your computer and add it to your online library. A new window will open and you can select the image file you want to upload:


6. Click here to upload the selected file to your image library.

Note: you can upload photos as large as 5 MB (in size) but it’s very important that they have maximum 5 mega pixels to be processed correctly.


Preview Image

By clicking on the image thumbnail an overlay window will open and the selected image will be displayed: