Broadcast on Roku Using HD Wave

In order to have your LIVE stream played on Roku devices, you must meet the following requirements:

1. You must have the Broadcast to Roku feature from the Pro broadcasting package.

2. You must use one of the supported broadcasters for your Live stream. The only broadcasters that are supported for streaming on Roku are: HD Wave and SD Wave using H.264 video.

Important: The only supported environments are LIVE through HD Wave or SD Wave. You may also stream LIVE via Flash Media Live Encoder (using H.264 as video and AAC audio plugin), but this is not supported by TikiLIVE and time to troubleshoot is considered exploratory.


Below we will explain the settings that you will have to do on the HD Wave (SD Wave has the same settings) and Flash Media Live Encoder software in order to have the stream available on Roku.


A. HD Wave broadcaster

After you have installed the HD Wave broadcaster, run the application, select the video and audio source and the channel where you want to stream.


For more details on HD Wave broadcaster, check the manual chapter.


B. Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

After you have installed the FMLE broadcaster, run the application, enter the RTMP details of the channel where you want to stream, select the video and audio source and start the broadcast:

Important: the video format should be H.264 and the audio format should be AAC.

You can check more information about Flash Media Live Encoder in this page.