How to Start Streaming with HD Wave

You can now broadcast using HD Wave in High Definition mode, following these steps:


1. Register as a Broadcaster – create a broadcaster account.

You can see the detailed registration process in the manual.


2. Create a channel where you will start the live broadcast.

You can see the detailed process for creating a new channel in the manual.


3. Once the channel is created you can select to broadcast using HD Wave.


4. Install HD Wave Broadcaster on your computer.

You can see the detailed installation process in the manual.


5. Start your live broadcast using HD Wave.

You can see the detailed live streaming process in the manual.


6. Broadcasters can also adjust the advanced encoder settings.

You can see the detailed encoding settings process in the manual.


Note: in order to use HD Wave (install and run the software) you must have a Windows administrator account type on the PC. You can change the Windows account type from Control Panel – User Account.