Publish documents on WordPress

You can share the documents that you added in your account dashboard to other users. In order to do that, you need to publish these documents on your WordPress site.

Please follow the steps described in this page, to make sure your documents will be public on your WordPress blog.

1. Manage documents feature is available only on City WordPress theme. So, the first thing that your need to do is to enable this theme. Access your WordPress dashboard and then go to Themes page.


1. Click here to open Themes page.

2. Click here to activate City theme.


2. The next thing to do is to create a new page where these documents will be displayed.


1. Click here to add a new page.

2. Insert here the title of the new page

3. Insert here the short code: [tiki_documents].

Note: it is very important to insert the short-code, otherwise documents will not be displayed.

4. Click here to publish the page.


3. After you created the page, you can also add the page into to Top menu so that it will be easy to access.


4. The documents page will be displayed on your WordPress blog, showing the documents and folders that you created.


1. Insert here the name of a document your want to search.

2. Click here to start the search.

3. Click here to clear the inserted text.

4. Here you can see the folders you created. Click on the folder to view the files attached.

5. Here you can see the files from the selected folder.