Download Roku Applications

Important: Since the Roku updates, we cannot guarantee the app will pass submission due to Roku forcing companies to use the Roku Store for subscriptions. We do not have a subscription module for Roku available, and only offer web subscriptions. This is a new rule that Roku imposed with the new Roku Application approval process. You may offer Roku from a private link and vanity code described on the manual page.

After you have created your Roku app, it will take about 30 minutes until the server approves it. You can see the Roku applications you have created in Download Roku Applications page.

Logged in your broadcaster account, click on the Download Roku Applications link, under the Publishing Account menu:

Download Roku Applications-1


On this page, users can see all Roku applications created, that are in pending mode or that can be downloaded:

1. In this column you can see the name of the Roku application you created.

2. Here you can see the date when the application was created.

3. Here you can see the status of the application: pending or finished.

4. Click on the Download link to save the application package in your computer.


Once you have the application package you can create your own Private Roku channel, provided you have a developer account.