Broadcast Using Larix Broadcaster

Open the Larix Broadcaster app from your mobile device to start broadcasting from to your TikiLIVE channel:

Larix Broadcaster-1

1. Click the settings button to connect your TikiLIVE channel to the app.


Through the Settings page you can connect your TikiLIVE channel and adjust your video settings:

Larix Broadcaster-2

1. Click here to open the connections page.

2. Click here to open the Capture and encoding section to adjust your video settings.


Add new connections from the page below to broadcast to multiple channels:

Larix Broadcaster-3

1. Click the + icon to add a new connection in the app.


Setup your connection by adding your channel’s RTMP link into the app:

1. Insert here a name for your connection.

2. Insert here the RTMP Server Address from the Broadcast Settings under your account dashboard.

3. Click here to save your connection and use it for streaming.


When your new connection is added, you can begin broadcasting:

Larix Broadcaster-5

1. Here you can see the number of frames per second you are streaming at.

2. Here you can see how long you’ve been streaming.

3. Click here to switch between the front and back camera on your mobile device.

4. Here you can see the name of the connection you are streaming to.

5. Here you can see what bitrate you are streaming at.

6. Click here to open the app’s settings.

7. Click the red button here to start/stop streaming.

8. Click the button here to mute the mic on your mobile device.

9. Click the button here to take a screenshot during the stream.