Autorecording issue when streaming with FMLE

If you were streaming using FMLE or Tricaster and the autorecorded video file does not play, then you must be aware of the following settings.

Are you changing FMLE settings? You must know the following important situation:

  • By default, FMLE is using the VP6 codec
  • H264 codec – videos are saved in mp4 format
  • VP6 codec – videos are saved in flv format

By default, autorecording settings in your user account are set to APPEND recordings at 5 minutes.

If a user starts to broadcast  using VP6 (default setting in FMLE), autorecord is on and the recording is saved. If the user changes to H264 and starts recording again (in less than 5 minutes), the result will be an APPEND video from mp4 and flv, which is a broken video.

That is why we recommend to use the H264 codec before starting the streaming session.

Also, when using the FMLE or Tricaster application to broadcast, you should modify the Append option to Never Append on Recording settings section.



– We do not support FMLE and Mp3 sound and sync, as this is 3rd party.

– We do not support FMLE record then cropping, as this is 3rd party.