Can I Broadcast on Facebook?

Yes! TikiLIVE allows you to post LIVE channels and video players on Facebook.

After creating your channel or uploading a video, navigate to the channel page or the video page that you would like to post on Facebook.

Click on the Share button to view the channel URL:


Copy the channel or video link and go to your Facebook account page.

Note: you do not need the embed code to post your channel/video into Facebook, the URL is all that is needed.


Log in to Facebook. Paste the URL onto your wall, into a post, or in a private message. Facebook should automatically recognize the URL as being a link.

When prompted, be sure to select a thumbnail.



Finally, submit the post. Now, when the thumbnail of the channel or video is clicked it will open an embedded player in its spot:

This works for LIVE channels, Channel Manager playlist channels and Videos On Demand.


Note: Being a 3rd party website the share functionality acts random. Facebook hosts accounts on different servers, so depending on what Facebook server you are hosted this may work or not (this means that embedded URL will play inside Facebook, or will open in another tab/window).