How Do I Create New Music Genres?

When you create radio channels, you have to assign them to specific genres, according to the music you want to play on the channel.

In case the desired genre is not listed in the menu, you can create a music genre by simply uploading an audio file from that genre.

When an audio file is uploaded, the system recognizes the metadata from the track and therefore, its musical genre.

For example, if you upload a “jazz” song, the system recognizes “jazz” as genre and adds it to the platform. So, when the next radio channel is created, “jazz” category will be displayed in music genre menu.

Note: Not all audio files have metadata attached and the system will add the track as “unknown” genre.

In order to edit and customize the metadata of mp3 files, you can use a 3rd party tool called mp3tag, which helps you edit the details of audio files in your computer.