How Do Ratings Work?

Users have the possibility to rate a channel or a video in order to show how much they enjoyed that show.

Users can filter the channels or videos according to their ratings:

How do ratings work-1

1. Select to view the displayed channels with the highest ratings first.

2. Select to view the displayed channels with the lowest ratings first.


To leave a review, access the channel or video page and view the additional details section of the page:

How do ratings work-2

1. Click the button here to see the channel/video’s rating.


From here, you will have the option to leave a rating on the channel/video:

How do ratings work-3

1. Click a star here to leave a rating.


After voting, you will see a confirmation of your rating:

How do ratings work-4


To rate a channel or video, you will be required to be registered as a user. If you are not, the page will not allow you to leave a rating:

How do ratings work-5


Users can only rate a channel or video once and will be shown an error message if they try to rate the channel or video again:

How do ratings work-6