How to Use WinMTR to Test Against Our Network

You can use WinMTR to test the connection to the server, by following the steps:

1. Download WinMTR

2. Run Traceroute from the location of the broadcaster and as Host enter Clients Site (or IP)

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3. Report to include:

  • Timestamp of Traceroute
  • IP A (your IP)
  • IP Z (IP you are tracing to)
  • Complete TraceRoute from A->Z (include packet loss)

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For your report to be complete, our team may need your public IP address as shown on for example.

Also, a trace back to your IP address using would be required.

The results of the tests can then be sent to TikiLIVE team.


Note that since WinMTR is a Windows based program,  we found this article as an alternative for MAC:  https://macdownload.informer. com/nmap1/

See if you have MTR installed and run the command or try an alternative, such as: