Play Priority on Channels

Radio channels play priority

1. External Shoutcast stream.

2. Live broadcast (which can be done with Winamp, Virtual DJ, Sam Broadcaster, Mixxx Broadcaster).

3. Playlist assigned to an event.

Note: When a radio channel has a playlist assigned and an event is scheduled, the playlist from the event will start playing after the song that was on the previous playlist ends (e.g: if there is a 20 minutes song playing on the channel, the first song from the playlist assigned on the event will play after the actual 20 minutes song ends; so if the event is scheduled to start at 15:00, since the actual song is 20 minutes long, the event will start at 15:20 but on the scheduler it will be listed as starting at 15:00).

4. Playlist attached to the radio channel.

Live channels play priority

1. Live stream.

2. Playlist created using Channel manager.

3. External RTMP stream.