Roku FAQ

This FAQ is designed to be helpful in raising awareness about the use of Roku and our products.


Question: If my internet connection will drop or there is a power outage, can I resume the playback of the video or channel I was watching?

Answer: When you open the Roku box, then you will have the option to resume the play of the video that you are watching. As related to the channels playback, since they are streams performed in real time, once you will access the channel page, the stream will play what is playing on that moment on the channel.


Question: Why is the Roku interface not properly displayed on my TV, and the text is overlapping the images?

Answer: Please check the display settings on your Roku Box (Settings – Display type) as 4:3 and 16:9 are only available for devices that support SD. Since the Roku 4 is HDMI and therefore HD only, those settings aren’t available and aren’t necessary.


Question: What LIVE streams are supported by Roku?

Answer: H.264 Encoded streams with AAC audio streaming through the HD Wave broadcaster and FMLE 3.1. All other live feeds are not supported by the Roku Player unless the transcoding services are integrated.


Question: Does Roku support scheduled Channel Manager Playlists?

Answer: The Roku module supports scheduled playlists. All videos from the playlist must be properly encoded so that they play as expected on the playlist. The channel needs to be published on Roku


Question: Can I password protect my Roku content?

Answer: Roku module does not include Password Protecting content for neither Live Channels nor videos through the Roku box.


Question: Why doesn’t a channel or an embedded video load, when accessed for the first time?

Answer: An embedded video or a channel engine consumes resources and it starts when that stream has viewers. The engine is automatically shut down in 10-20 minutes after last viewer leaves.
The first viewer trying to watch a channel on Roku STB will kick-start the engine, however the initiation takes some time and a stream may take a few seconds until is retrieved. The viewer is sent back to the channel/video page and they need to click Play this Title button again . This behavior is normal and the viewer will have to try to access the channel or video again. Once the stream is started, it will be available for every subsequent viewer until shutdown.


Question: Is the Watermark displayed on Roku Set Top Box?

Answer: No, at this moment the watermark is only displayed on the Flash and HTML5 players (PC and mobile devices).


Question: How do I see premium content on Roku STB?

Answer: A premium channel or a channel group is only available on the Roku box after the user has subscribed to it from his dashboard on the website. Not even the website administrator can view them on Roku unless he or she buys a ticket to the PPV event on the platform or subscribes to a premium channel.


Question: Why don’t I see all videos attached to a specific category on Roku box?

Answer: Video categories on Roku display all videos attached to a specific category, except those videos that are attached to Premium and/or Channel group.

If ALL videos attached to category are attached to Premium or Group channels, and there are NO free videos attached, when users access the category the following message will be displayed – No content available.