How to Check for Broken Links

It can happen that links in your website are not working properly, redirecting the user to non existing pages.

As a WordPress user, you can always check the functionality of your links using various websites.


Below we provided a list with several tools for searching the broken links in your website:


Below you can see an example of searching broken links performed on

check broken links on the website

1. Enter the URL of the website where you want to searching for broken links.

2. Type the security code you see in the picture.

3. Check this radio button you want your report to contain only distinct broken links.

4. Check this radio button to report all occurrences of each dead link (this may take longer).

5. Click here to find the broken links.


When the search is over, the results will be displayed:

check broken links on the website

1. Here you can see the listing number of broken link.

2. Here you can see the broken URL – the URL that does not have any content associated.

3. Click here to view the web page where the broken URL was found.

4. Click here to view the source of the link.

5. Here you can see the server response message for those who click on the broken link.


You can now revise all links and update the pages or the posts.

Note: When checking for broken links we recommend you use a computer with a strong internet connection.