How to Create a New WP Homepage

Important: WordPress shows on homepage the latest blog entries. If there are no posts (blog entries) there is nothing to display, and so users will see a “Nothing found” message displayed. Users can start writing posts and publish them to the homepage, or they can create a new homepage and populate it according to their desire.

WordPress users can create a new custom home page following some simple steps.


Create a New Page

The first step is to create a new page:

add new home page

1. Click here to add a new page.

2. Insert here the title of the homepage.

3. Set the template of the new page as Home.

4. Click here to publish the page.


Set Page as Front End for Site

The next step is to set the page to be the front end page for the site. Go to Reading settings page in Settings area:

new wordpress home page

1. Check the radio button to display a static page on the front end.

2. Select from the drop down the home page you just created to be displayed on the front end.

3. Click here to save the details.


Once the new homepage is created you can start activating widgets you want to be displayed on it. You can now start to populate the page according to your desire with widgets or posts.