Live Stream on Facebook using WordPress Streams

Important: Facebook only supports use of a Flash player, this is why the stream will not play into non-flash compatible devices.

In this page we will explain the process of publishing your channel live stream on Facebook using your WordPress streams.


In order to broadcast live on Facebook page, follow the next steps:

Note: You need to have a broadcaster account with access to the WordPress dashboard.

  • Once the channel is available on your site, the next step is to start broadcasting on that channel from the TikiLIVE platform.
  • Check if you can see the live stream from your WordPress site on the My Channels page:

publish wordpress on facebook

1. Click here to view the My Channels page.

2. Click on the thumbnail to view the live broadcast.


Once you can see the live stream on your WordPress site, all you need to do is copy paste the URL onto your Facebook status update:

Note: You can copy the link of any WordPress channel and publish it on your Facebook page.


Go to your Facebook profile and paste the URL on your status bar:



Your friends can see the live broadcast by clicking the play button:


Your friends can watch, like, comment your live broadcast: