Add an Item on a Page

Using Custom Fields, WordPress users can add an item (page) into another page.

In this page we will show an example of how to create a new page and insert an item in it:

insert item in wordpress page

1. Insert here the name of the page.

2. Add the text of the page here.

3. Select “column” custom key.

4. Insert here the number of the column where you want the page to be displayed. As you can see we selected number 2, therefore the item will be displayed in the center of the page.

5. Select “info” custom key.

6. Type here the text you want to display as information.

7. Select the template of the page where you want the item to be inserted.

8. Insert here the order number of the item in the page.

9. Select the category where you want the page to be assigned.

10. Here you can add a featured image for the page.


Once the settings are completed, click the button to Publish the page.

Below you can see how the page we created with the settings above looks like on the web blog:

insert item in wordpress page

When viewers click on the item, they will be redirected to the page.