Channel password protected

Important: If you access a password protected channel, and you are the owner of the content, you are not requested to insert the password, once you are logged into your account. To test password functionality you need to be logged in different browser as guest or another registered member account.

This is how the Channel page looks like when you want to access a password protected event, on the website:

password protected live streaming channel

1. Enter here the password in order to access the channel.

2. Click here to access the channel.



1. If the channel owner changes the password while a user is already watching the channel, the user will still be able to view the channel until he closes the browser window. The password changed by content owner does not affect the users who are currently logged into the channel with a valid password at that time.

2. If the channel is set as Pay Per View and also the owner set a password on it then the password is requested first and then PPV ticket needs to be purchased