Fire TV forgot password

If you forget your password, it’s easy to reset it from the TikiLIVE app. When you open the app, you will land on the homepage:

Fire TV login-1

1. Click the Login button to be redirected to the login page.


When the page loads, you will be able to access the forgot password link:

Fire TV forgot password-01

1. Click the link here to open the Forgot Password page.


The page will load where you can insert your email address:

Fire TV forgot password-1

1. Enter the email for the account you created here.

2. Click the button here to send an email.

Note: It is required to enter the email you used during creation or else the system will not be able to locate your account.


You will receive a confirmation that an email has been sent to the one you input. When the email is received, click the link to reset your password to a new one so you are then able to login.