How to find TikiLIVE on LG

We are super excited to have TikiLIVE available on LG Smart TVs. LG is a leader in the Smart TV market and this partnership will come as good news for anyone who watches TV online and has an LG Smart TV.

If you just purchased a new LG Smart TV then you can install TikiLIVE application and enjoy your favorite channels on the LG TV.

In order to do that you have to power the TV, press the Home button on the remote control and select “LG Content Store” from the list of items displayed, like in the following image:

Then you will reach the LG Store where you have to click on Search (the magnifier icon). Once the Search page is displayed enter TikiLIVE on the search field and Press the Enter key.

The TikiLIVE app will be displayed. Click on it and select to install it.

Login into your account and enjoy all benefits of TikiLIVE on your LG Smart TV


Note: the LG application supports WebOS higher than 4: webOSTV 4.0 , webOSTV 4.5