Publish content on Facebook

Either registered or not, TikiLIVE users can share videos and channels on their Facebook account:

There are several ways to publish content on Facebook and we will exemplify them in this page:

1. Publish Content using the Share Button.

2. Publish content by copy/paste the link.



Sharing Content the using Share Button

Using the Facebook Share button, content will be published on user’s profile page and also on the news feed pages for all their friends to see:

Publish content on Facebook-1

1. Click the Share This Page button to open the window.


When the page loads, you will be able to see the social options:

Publish content on Facebook-2

1. Click on the Facebook button to share the page to your feed.


The Facebook Share button can also be found next to the channel’s player:

Publish content on Facebook-4

1. Click the share button to open the Facebook window.


The Facebook Share button can also be found and used on the Share channel options:

Publish content on Facebook-3

1. When the Sharing options are displayed, click on the Facebook icon.


If you are not logged into your Facebook account in the same browser, a pop-up window will be displayed and you will be asked to log in:

Publish content on Facebook-5


Facebook allows you to share content on your own profile or on a friend’s profile page. You can also adjust the sharing settings and make your content public.



Once your content published, Facebook users will be able to play the channel or video on the Facebook page, access the link and be redirected to the website, like, comment or share the content:




Publish content by copy/paste the link

You can also share your TikiLIVE channels or videos by copy/paste the URL on your Facebook profile page.

Open the Share This Page window:

Publish content on Facebook-6

1. Copy the link from the field.


Paste the channel or video URL on your Facebook profile page and click Post button:




  • At the moment Facebook does not recognize PPV content and Password protect channels, therefore we recommend you not to publish this type of content through Facebook. More details can be found on the Facebook sharing restrictions manual page.
  • Your Facebook likes can be displayed on the news feed and your friends will be able to see your activity, according to an algorithm set by Facebook. Click on the link to view more details regarding News Feed functionality.