Share content on Google+

Either registered or not, TikiLIVE users can share videos and channels on their Google+ account.

There are several ways to publish content on Google+ and we will exemplify them in this page:

1. Publish Content using the Share Button.

2. Publish content by copy/paste the link.



Click on the Share This Page button to bring up the share options.

Publish content on Google-1


When the page loads you will be given multiple share options:

Publish content on google-2

1. Click on the Google+ icon to open the page.


If are not logged in your Google+ account, you will be asked to do that:

share channel video on google

1. Insert here your username or email address.

2. Insert here your password.

3. Click here to log into your Google account.


Once logged in your Google account, you can post the channel or video link on your profile:

Publish content on google-3

1. Click the post button to add the post to your Google+ page.


The channel or video will then be posted on your Google profile:

share channel video on google



Publish content by copy/paste the link

You can also share your TikiLIVE channels or videos by copy/paste the URL on your Google+ profile page.

Open the Share This Page window:

Publish content on Facebook-6

1. Copy the link from the field.


Paste the channel or video URL on your Google+ page and click Post button:

Publish content on google-4