About us



As a development group, TikiLIVE is focused on creating and licensing Rich Internet Applications, Software as a Service, and Enterprise Systems solutions to the benefit of its clients. Guided by forward-thinking management and supported by teams of highly trained designers and engineers, TikiLIVE is positioned as one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end HD media solutions. We work to provide our clients with the best streaming capabilities possible. Broadcaster can offer content across a wide variety of platform so viewers can watch from anywhere, anytime, on the go.

Company Overview

The Development group, creates patent-pending technology in High Definition (HD) for live streaming audio and video. Among their many other uses, solutions created by TikiLIVE are mainly used to deliver content to places all over the web like social networking sites, mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids, Set Top Boxes like Roku and their own White-Label Set Top Box, and many other places clients require up-to-the-second, engaging content. TikiLIVE has also developed a strong client base with its advanced security and surveillance, learning management, and custom IPTV systems.

TikiLIVE . Inc. is an online based Global Information Technology Solution Provider that offers a whole suite of live streaming video applications and services through an online based streaming platform. Now anyone can broadcast in High Definition on their own branded channel using our Flagship product TikiLIVE. Users are able to utilize simple off-the-shelf hardware, or even professional grade studio equipment to record and broadcast live! But live streaming is only a small portion of what TikiLIVE has to offer. We also provide prerecorded Video On Demand capabilities, video encoding through our Monster Encoder service, Set Top Box abilities through various models, HTML5 fallback for streaming on iOS and Android devices and of course Flash players. TikiLIVE delivers complete custom White-Label IPTV solutions branded to a user’s own name for their custom streaming needs. TikiLIVE offers 24/7 live support for both TikiLIVE website and its White-Label platforms so any issues can be taken care of on the spot. We consist of two offices, one on each side of the world, in North America and in Europe made up of approximately 30 team members to make your content live, with the TikiLIVE Corporate office located in tropical Marathon, Florida. For further details about TikiLIVE you can contact our team for more information.


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