Content Acquisition


TikiLIVE Content Services

At TikiLIVE we provide a wide range of content services from aggregation, acquisition, and distribution. We can customize content options to fit your needs from full turn-key solutions to targeted solutions that will fully maximize your content revenue streams. TikiLIVE Content Services

Content Aggregation

TikiLIVE’s cutting edge IPTV platform provides several options for content ingestion and playout. From local broadcast content to FTA (free to air) to 3rd party premium content, TikiLIVE is ideally built to provide for cost effective ingest to high quality playout to your target market. TikiLIVE maintains the highest quality standards to ensure that your audience experiences a consistent HD IPTV experience regardless of content types.

Content Acquisition

Need premium content for your new IPTV business? Need to reach niche markets? Need relevant local content? Need both linear and on demand content? Look no further, TikiLIVE can help compile a linear and on demand channel lineup with premium, FTA (free to air) and local broadcast channels that suits your target market.
Allow our Content Acquisition Team to help design a channel lineup for your audience and help you plan your IPTV platform rollout that will provide you with a leg up on other competitors in the market.

Content Distribution

TikiLIVE wants to represent your quality content! We work with dozens of TikiLIVE IPTV platforms and operators around the world giving you new verticals to publish your content and increase your revenue. We pitch new channels to our IPTV operators on a daily basis giving your content more outlets for distribution. If you have new or unique content available, we can get you into a distribution model today! You may have the next new “hit series” just waiting to be launched and we help with innovative tools and delivery solutions.No matter what area of content services you need, TikiLIVE has the options available to provide you with a world class IPTV product!


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