If it ain't outdoors, it ain't cooking!

The Outdoor Cooking Channel

The Outdoor Cooking Channel is an Internet based Channel focused on BBQ, Grilling, Dutch Oven Cooking, and much more.

The Outdoor Cooking Channel was started by Kevin Bevington as a BBQ enthusiast web site in January of 2001.

The Outdoor Cooking Channel is also a Championship BBQ Competition Team, they have earned more than 60 Champion titles.

The Outdoor Cooking Channel Team has also accomplished the following;
FBA Team of the Year — 2003 through 2007
6th Runner-up KCBS Team of the Year 2004
7th Runner-up KCBS Team of the Year 2006 National Barbecue News Spirit of BBQ Team of the Year 2005.

The Outdoor Cooking Channel is the only Barbecue Competition Team to ever win all 4 categories in a Sanctioned BBQ Competition with over 20 teams competing.

In just 7 years, The Outdoor Cooking Channel has competed in over 200 competitions, and in these competitions, walked the stage receiving awards, more than 300 times.