In the past, religious institutions have not always been seen as the most technologically savvy organizations. The problem with this lies in the fact that today’s younger generation is extremely tech savvy and is looking for cutting edge products even when it comes to their religious affiliations. These facts can be shown in the growth seen among more contemporary houses of worship that tend to embrace all of the latest technological innovations.

All across the country contemporary churches are seeing a surge in growth while more traditional churches are struggling to fill pews on Sunday. Outreach Magazine publishes a report each year of the 100 fastest growing churches in America. In their recently published report, many of the fastest growing churches are contemporary non-denominational churches. In fact, only 12 of the 100 churches operate from a single campus indicating that the larger institutions seem to be trending towards multi-campus churches.

One lesson that can be learned from many of these fast growing churches is their outreach strategies. Many of these contemporary houses of worship offer stunning websites with all sorts of streaming content. By offering online broadcasting solutions to their congregation and visitors, they are able to open up their mission to the world.

Churches that are able to utilize online streaming solutions from providers such as TikiLIVE should be poised to grow and reach the masses. There are several benefits of video streaming that churches looking to grow should not discount.

Connect with Visitors

No matter what denomination, it is important to reach out and connect with visitors in your community and beyond. Streaming your services online offers the perfect opportunity to reach those who may be a bit hesitant to set foot in your church, synagogue or mosque. By reaching those who have turned away from their faith, you can help them realize that your religious organization is working to advance God’s work. This may even help others realize that their preconceptions about religion may be unfounded. Streaming your religious services allows visitors to view your content with no pressure and this can often help them feel more at ease prior to physically visiting your church.

Expand your Reach

Depending on the size of your facility, you likely have a set number of people that can attend your worship services. With live streaming, this constraint is no longer an issue. You can now stream your content online to a virtually unlimited number of viewers. This allows you to reach visitors and traveling members all over the world. A few examples of those who could benefit from streaming content include:

  • Members that are stationed out of town or even abroad for work or military service.
  • Members that are home bound for physical reasons yet still would love to listen to the service each week.
  • Visitors who may be too hesitant to come to worship, but want to learn more about your church.
  • Visitors in other areas of the country or even the world that just happen to hear about your church and would like to experience what your congregation has to offer.

Promote Your Mission Work

Mission work is one of the primary ways that churches around the world give back to their local communities and beyond. What better way to catalog this area of your ministry than with video? TikiLIVE allows you to stream content with only a simple video camera or even your smartphone. Think about being able to stream video to your website of your latest mission trip to show others that were not able to participate what they missed. You could even create a high quality video reel to show at your next worship service to excite the congregation and hopefully have more volunteers ready to help on your next mission trip.

Stream Other Church Events

Streaming Sunday worship is not the only way to use a service like TikiLIVE. Think about being able to stream Sunday school services, Bible studies or even committee meetings. Chances are you may get more participation if members can virtually attend these events. Streaming committee meetings and other bureaucratic events can help your church to appear more transparent to your members and make them feel like their opinion matters.

Reach Your Congregation Wherever They Are

Churches tend to cater to all people regardless of race, income, or socioeconomic level. This is one of the cornerstones of many church beliefs and what better way to cement this belief than with online streaming services. With video streaming you truly can reach your congregation no matter where they are located both physically and emotionally. A powerful ministry is there when people need it to be, not just on Sundays.

Reaching your congregation wherever they are is not just limited to viewing your content from a computer. TikiLIVE offers a robust suite of products that can be viewed on any smartphone, tablet, computer or television. With more people accessing the Internet from their phones today, we understand the importance of an effective mobile experience. This is why we have invested in the latest technology (HTML5 encoding), which allows your users to experience high quality content on whatever device they use to access your services.

Archive Your Sermons and Other Activities

Another benefit of online broadcasting solutions is being able to archive your video content. Think about being able to showcase all of the great things that you are doing as a church to potential visitors online. With online video, you can really show who you are as a church to prospective visitors.

Let TikiLIVE Help You Stream to the Masses

No matter your denomination, reaching new people through the Internet is the wave of the future. Let TikiLIVE help you by positioning your house of worship for the next millennium! Contact us today to get started.