We have just released the brand new TikiLIVE Affiliate Program. Our goal with this new program is to reward individuals who promote our TikiLIVE broadcasting platform.

Our clients may now earn recurring revenue streams and bonuses for turning on others to TikiLIVE! Joining the Affiliate Program provides you with a unique set of HD broadcasting and training tools to get you started. Our training videos will take you from novice to Pro in no time at all. Each Affiliate receives a fully responsive, customizable, mobile ready broadcasting presence complete with affiliate banners to showcase TikiLIVE. To get started, all that is needed is a domain name, logo and about 20 minutes to create your new site.

Affiliate Payouts in the first month!

It has been only 30 days since our pre-launch of our affiliate program and payouts have started going out. The response to this new program has been so well received that we have decided to run the first of many giveaways.

$10,000 Radio shout out award!

This contest has two chances to earn $5,000. The Top Affiliate will be awarded to the top (most popular) affiliate radio broadcaster on TikiLIVE.

What does it takes to achieve these awards?


$5,000 to the Top Affiliate!

1. Individual must be an active, qualified Affiliate.
2. The Top Affiliate will be chosen based on the highest number of accounts of Broadcasters and Affiliates.
3. Broadcaster signups must be a premium broadcaster account to qualify.
4. Top Affiliate will hold the highest number of audience on his channel over the final 30 day period of the Shout Out.
Winner will be choosing based on the following:
Most listens in the last 30 days (50% weight)
Most Facebook likes on channel (25% weight)
Most active Affiliates in group (25% weight)

$5,000 goes to Referring party of Top Affiliate!

1. Individual must be an active, qualified Affiliate.
2. This award shall be given to the person or entity who refers the Top Affiliate to TikiLIVE

Each will receive round trip airfare (within the Continental US) and hotel for one night in Marathon, Florida.

Contest runs from July 20th 2013 Through December 1, 2013.

To learn about the new radio broadcasting solution added to TikiLIVE and how it stands up to the competition visit:

To learn more about the affiliates program and how to become a qualified affiliate to take part in our contest visit:

To join the “$10,000 Shout Out Contest!”, follow this Become a Qualified TikiLIVE Affiliate link and get started today. If you have any questions about our HD broadcasting solutions, White-Label TikiLIVE platforms, or the Affiliates program, we can be reached via our Contact Form or by phone at: 305.289.4557