Tiki_webcastAs more people begin to access the Internet through high-speed connections, they are learning that streaming video content can be extremely easy online. In the past when it came to watching streaming content, users were forced to watch whatever was available through their expensive cable or satellite subscriptions. With the popularity of the Internet, users are no longer stuck having to pay these high fees just to watch streaming content.

Real time streaming through a live feed is now available for even beginners thanks to providers like TikiLIVE. With TikiLIVE you can easily stream all types of live video content to your user base without any prior experience.

Benefits of Real Time Streaming

Many TikiLIVE users are streaming live content online and are seeing huge benefits compared to streaming content through more traditional methods.

Cater to Your Users Regardless of Location

In the past if you wanted to stream your live content to anyone in the world you would likely be laughed out of any television executive’s office. This was all before real time streaming through a live feed was available. Now, anyone can use a service like TikiLIVE and stream their content across the world. All you need to begin streaming your content is an account from TikiLIVE and a smartphone or simple video camera. Yes, you can even stream live content online from your Apple or Android phone or tablet!

Think of the huge opportunity that exists by reaching users across the world. Maybe you have content that can be catered based on a user’s physical location. Before streaming services became prevalent online, reaching these types of users would have been impossible. We are living in exciting times where quality content has no boundaries.

Test Out Your Ideas Before Going Mainstream

By streaming your content online first you can test the waters to see how your audience receives what you are offering. Streaming your content online is extremely inexpensive so even if your users don’t take a liking to your content you can always go back to the drawing board without much money wasted. If your users seem to enjoy your content you can ramp up the amount of videos that you create related to their interests.

Stay Connected With Your User Base

TikiLIVE offers a whole host of options where you can connect with your user base. Video content offers many advantages compared to only the written word. With video your users will be able to better connect with you and will often feel more invested in what you are providing. Several features that allow TikiLIVE users to connect with their users include:

  • Live Chat – TikiLIVE offers full support for live chat alongside your video content. Think about the opportunities to connect with your users live through chat before you stream your content. Your users will appreciate you taking the time to connect with them prior to your event.
  • WordPress Website – Another benefit of streaming your content through TikiLIVE’s network of high powered servers is the ability to create your very own WordPress website. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system and allows anyone to create a website in minutes without any coding background. TikiLIVE fully integrates with WordPress and allows users to create a WordPress website through TikiLIVE’s easy to use control panel. You may have had an excuse for not creating a website in the past but with TikiLIVE creating a website is as simple as clicking a button!
  • Detailed Analytics – When you are creating live content online it is important to know what your users are thinking of your content. In the past, detailed metrics required significant investment and were more of a pipe dream for the average individual or business streaming content online. Now with TikiLIVE you can track views and engagement to determine what content is working and what content should be changed based on your user’s requests. With live streaming you can easily make adjustments to better cater to your user’s interests completely on the fly.

Think of streaming information about a certain product and tracking your analytics to determine the exact moment when your users are most engaged. These important metrics can allow you to focus more on a certain product or area that is gaining popularity among your following.

Low Cost – High Quality

Thanks to technology prices continuing to fall it is inexpensive to begin live streaming content online. In fact, all you really need is a computer and video camera. But if all you have is a smartphone, TikiLIVE even allows you to stream content straight from your phone!

No longer do you need expensive editing software or complicated video cameras. With the availability of HD video on all sorts of inexpensive video recording devices, you can easily stream your content online without any large upfront costs. The video generated from today’s simple video cameras or even smartphones is leaps and bounds ahead of the capabilities of large video cameras from just a few years ago. As technology in the video streaming industry continues to evolve it will become even less expensive to create high quality video to be streamed online.

IPTV Capabilities

Streaming providers like TikiLIVE offer support for live streaming online, but they also offer full IPTV support. IPTV allows you to stream your content to user’s televisions as well as their computers, tablets and smartphones. Through branded set top boxes from manufacturers like Roku or through a white-label IPTV device from TikiLIVE, you can stream your content to users that prefer to watch your content from their television as opposed to online. As more and more people move to online video streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon it is important that you offer your content alongside these heavy hitters to gain credibility and further build your brand.

Ready to Harness the Power of Real Time Streaming Through a Live Feed?

If you are ready to begin streaming your live content online through a variety of different platforms, our expert personnel at TikiLIVE would be happy to help you in any way possible. For more information on the variety of services that we offer, contact us today!