Best Platforms to Broadcast Live Concerts Online

Best Platforms to Broadcast Live Concerts Online

The Internet is an orchestrated communication technology designed to reflect our creative imagination and make anything imagined possible and practical. Whatever you can imagine, Internet design technology is all about the business of making it happen. We hear news as it happens from around the world, we can ask of it any question on any topic, and we can see and talk to friends who live thousands of miles away. The Internet has also brought about an endless stream of complimentary and adjacent technologies and industries that have broadened every aspect of life.

One of the latest and most transforming developments in the evolution of the Internet is HD live video streaming. This covers a rather large territory relative to what it can do and who uses and enjoys it. It covers everything from education and commerce to entertainment. Businesses are also integrating live streaming video into their websites bringing fresh excitement and interest to products and information. Clearly, video streaming expresses in movement what photos and copy alone cannot. Needless to say, the music industry has fallen in love with HD live streaming for concerts. It is now an enormous industry and has brought new creativity and energy to concert performances. Entire web sites and broadcasting channels are devoted to concert streaming and it has globalized music events.

HD Live Streaming Video for Concerts

For those in the music industry and music fans, Internet based online services for music purchasing, listening and viewing has changed the game. What was the world like without iTunes and YouTube? Concerts and live shows have entered the arena, translating music events to HD live streaming video and video on demand. Music festivals are enjoying a very popular moment.

Streaming concerts live is a new entertainment that brings the live concert to you. It is also a terrific alternative to paying exorbitant ticket prices while uncomfortably squeezed in with thousands of other concertgoers trying to view a tiny stage. Small clubs and café concerts as well as large global musical events can all find new meaning with live streaming. It is the newest category of entertainment in the music industry and a new means of generating revenue.


Just a short while ago it took a lot of time, training and a good amount of cash to stream a live concert or event. And, it took a village of techies to do it. Popular demand has led to an increase in technological innovations designed to deliver a new kind of host provider that eliminates complications and cuts production costs.

Broadcasters are looking for hosting companies that allow them to design, manage, produce, and monetize broadcasting platforms of their own. Broadcasters have come to expect hosting experts to attend to the details of the technology and its evolving innovations while the broadcaster takes care of the details of their personal broadcast.

We at Eyepartner have been about the business of hosting since 1996 and have the solution you’re looking for. We provide the most accessible and new Global Information Technology Solutions available, providing a full suite of live streaming video applications and services. We have removed the cost and complications of live streaming and pared down setup time. We have a back office team of innovative collaborators available 24/7 for advice and direction. Everything is designed for ease of use and with you in mind.

TikiLIVE represents our streaming software solution, which enables anyone and everyone to broadcast in HD (or SD) from their own personalized branded channels and directly from their desktop or laptop. You manage your own content and revenue through as many channels as you choose – you customize it to suit your needs exactly. We do our part, and you do yours.

Become a TikiLIVE Broadcaster

Best Platforms to Broadcast Live Concerts Online


With TikiLIVE, you are really partnering with a full media distribution platform. Design diversity ensures a custom broadcast suited specifically to your needs. You can, for instance, upload your media and save it for media on demand, or you can broadcast it live (live streaming); you can also save live streamed events for video on demand later – you decide. You can engage our Monster Encoder server farm which automatically Transcodes your video to the (H.264 broadcasting) HD standard – the new standard. You have the option to create a network with snap on modules that connect to other social media formats such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. And, you can function with as many channels as you choose.

TikiLIVE Communication

Interactivity is the name of the game now – as opposed to simply deploying material. TikiLIVE has adapted to this and enables direct interactivity with your audience, and in real time. The developed embed codes enable the user to deploy with or without an interactive chat feed. TikiLIVE enables monetization of content through advertising and features such as pay per view or pay per broadcast as well, so revenue building is a part of our system.

We support configuration with set top boxes like Roku that enable Internet interaction with your television. This is particularly effective for those interested in broadcasting concerts to television viewers. Nothing beats watching a concert with friends on a big screen TV with popcorn and a few cold ones.

HTML5 is on the GO

The introduction of our HTML5 Live Streaming Module is a real game changer. This module enables events to be watched on mobile devices like Smartphones and Netbook – so concerts on the go. With HTML5 almost all media can be deployed without any additional plugins or software. There’s no need for royalty payments as it is non-proprietary. This module has the added advantage of acting as a pay per view unit where tickets can be purchased to paid events that can then be watched on mobile devices and Smart technologies.

Best Platforms to Broadcast Live Concerts Online


Nothing Easier

TikiLIVE gives you everything you need to get up, set up and go. It’s a three step basic set up. All you have to do is:

• Download the recommended HDWave Broadcaster (or Third party if you prefer it) to your Browser (at least a Windows 7 or 8).
• Plug in your video source.
• Select your channel and broadcast.

Live Concert Streaming

At its most fundamental, live music video streaming can be done with just a webcam and when thought of like this, it is beyond cost effective. If you are doing the video for your own live streaming broadcast than you decide how your concert will be captured. As relates to equipment available for broadcasting AV over the Internet, you can find decent digital video cameras for under $500 that can do the job decently. Or, you may have a sophisticated set-up that builds as you do. It’s all up to you.

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Live streaming concerts in HD to your own branded channel is just another good reason to contact us here at Eyepartner, and we are full of good ideas. We’re evolving with you and with your dreams. Visit our website or give us a call, we would love to lend a hand. Use our online form on or call (305) 289-4557 to get in touch!