There are several key points to consider when choosing the best video conference software. When making your decision, whether it is for yourself or your professional use, examine your needs before deciding what software to go with.

The HD Wave Desk Share can take you anywhere you want to go! Our team spent time researching and developing the best video conference out in the market today! This program will not only let you talk face to face with people around the world, it will allow you to share your desktop as well!

We have made it very simple to follow:

1.Easy To Use: The HD Wave Desk Share is so simple to use without any propriety hardware! Simply download the software and follow the manual link by clicking here. In the manual link, you will see that we have made it easy to follow by also putting pictures in our step by step guide to set up.

2. Features: The HD Wave Desk Share is a one-stop-shop for all of your conferencing needs!

HD Desk Share

  • &#9830 Multiple video audio capture
  • &#9830 On the fly switching of media sources including full desktop
  • &#9830 Ability to use picture and picture while resizing the screens to fit your needs
  • &#9830 Share your entire desktop or snap to a specific zone and stream only a portion
  • &#9830 Sharing video, Power Point Presentations or webpages
  • &#9830 Enables you to stream instantly any part of their desktop in either Standard or High Definition
  • &#9830 Ability to chat with your audience
  • &#9830 Auto record your conference allowing users to view at a later date
  • &#9830 Broadcast Video Calls from Skype
  • &#9830 Pc-to-Pc Calling

3. Video Features: There are some companies that offer Streaming Video which will limit you to first record your video before sending. Using HD Wave DeskShare, you will be able to see and hear the other people as if you were in the same room as well as adjust the video window to fit your needs.

4. Help / Support: Don’t Worry!! We have 3 different ways to reach out to us if you shall need anything!

  • &#9830 Chat with our LIVE Online Support from 02 AM until 06PM found here:
  • &#9830 Once you have an account created with us, you will have access to our Support Ticket System. This will allow you to put in a request and our Support Team will respond right away with an answer.
  • &#9830 You may also call our office at (305) 289-4557 and speak to our Sales Team!

Now that we have explained what The HD Wave DeskShare is capable of, our Sales Team is standing by to take your calls so we can get you started TODAY!

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