social-broadcastingInternet broadcasters have the same essential need as traditional broadcasters: to get their programming in front of as many people as possible, as quickly and easily as possible. What better built-in audience is there than social media users? Using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others has become an automatic, several-times-a-day ritual for people of all ages around the world. What better platform for putting thousands of eyes on your content without having to pursue them?

With TikiLIVE, social media sites effectively become channels for your video – and free, widely seen channels at that. Our robust content delivery system makes it easy to share videos across all social media networks simultaneously from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Embed Your Live Stream and Videos on Demand on Facebook

With over a billion active users per month, Facebook is the undisputed gold standard of social media sites to leverage. Fortunately, Facebook makes it very easy to post video, and TikiLIVE makes it very easy to post videos on Facebook.

The first thing you should do is create a Facebook page for your channel. Then, on your channel page, click the Share tab and click Copy on the URL field. Next, return to your channel’s Facebook page, paste the URL into a post, and click Post. Your channel is now playable on Facebook. This works for live streams, videos on demand, or channel playlists.

There is some variation in how your video will play back on Facebook. In some cases it will play back right on the Facebook page when the user clicks Play. In other cases, clicking Play will open your TikiLIVE channel page in a new tab or window.

This variation is caused by the different types of servers Facebook is hosted on. Different servers are configured with different behavior for playing back video, and neither you nor TikiLIVE has any control over which server hosts your Facebook page.

In either case, the result is the same: Facebook is getting your channel in front of more eyes than would otherwise be possible without spending thousands on advertising or other broadcast methods.

Besides posting to your own page, you can post your channel to other Facebook pages that have related subject matter to your channel.

Is your channel about outdoor sports? Find some Facebook pages on backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking, etc. and post your channel URL there.

Have a gamer channel? Broadcast on pages about gamer culture or the specific games or consoles that you feature on your channel.

Is your channel about giving exposure to your local music scene? Target Facebook pages about the arts scene in your town or state, your local colleges and universities, and well-trafficked music sites, to name a few.

When you browse for Facebook pages to link your channel to, focus on pages that have substantial numbers of members or likes and recent. Connecting with pages that have a sizeable and active user base can bring great exposure to your channel.

Don’t Just Post It…Tweet It!

Though there is a lot of overlap, for whatever reason, some people prefer to confine their social media activity to Twitter. Fortunately, TikiLIVE makes it just as easy to reach the tweeters as the Facebookers.

Your first step, of course, is to open a Twitter account for your channel. Once you’ve done that, you can click the Tweet button under the video player on your TikILIVE channel page.

You will be prompted to log into your Twitter account if you’re not logged in already. Then a text field will appear with the video title and a link to the channel. Modify the text (except for the link) any way you like, as long as you keep the total under 140 characters, then click Tweet.

The video link will now appear in the Twitter feeds of your channel’s Twitter followers. Your channel page also keeps a running tally of the number of times your video is tweeted, to help you get a sense of how well your social media efforts are working.

Just make sure that you have Protect My Tweets unchecked in your Twitter account settings, or your tweets won’t be shareable.

Sharing Is Caring….and Facebook, Twitter and TikiLIVE Make Your Videos a Snap to Share

One of the greatest values of social media to Internet broadcasters is how easy they make sharing their content. Once you’ve posted your channel link, all a user has to do to pass it on to other groups is click Share or Retweet.

The TikiLIVE video player also includes a standard Share control that viewers can use to share your channel content easily to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ wherever they’re viewing the video from.

Anywhere Facebook and Twitter Can Go…Your Channel Can Go Too!

TikiLIVE’s Monster Encoder makes all of your channel’s content viewable in high definition on any video player on any device, so there are no barriers to getting your channel’s content out into the world with the help of Facebook and Twitter.

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