People everywhere seem to be complaining about the high cost of cable bills. The trend to cut cable is very real, but many people don’t know where to start.

TikiLIVE has risen to the occasion with a full menu of television programming that allows consumers to actually join the cord cutting revolution in a meaningful way without sacrificing programming choices. A new era in affordable entertainment has definitely arrived.

Cutting Edge Technology For Cord Cutting
TikiLIVE optimizes the use of advanced streaming technology to provide fast and seamless access to all of your favorite programs. Many industry pundits now feel that cord cutting is the future of television and TikiLIVE is helping to lead the way.

According to a recent report from Nielsen, the number of U.S. homes that have broadband Internet, but only free, broadcast TV, is on the increase. These broadband/broadcast-only households will stream video twice as much as the general population.

Cord Cutting Is Growing In Popularity Day by Day
Streaming video is more popular than ever, but a lesser known story is how cord cutting is really starting to gain traction among consumers. The technology is in place, while bandwidth and its infrastructure are on a level to deliver high quality streaming. The trend to cut cable service with TikiLIVE and other services is exploding.

Television industry programming executives have taken notice of the amazing popularity of internet TV, leading to “streaming only” standalone services of popular television and cable networks. Now, TikiLIVE extends the concept to include the popular  TV channels and radio programming that consumers want.

Cord cutting from cable TV is gaining rapid acceptance. We’ve all become used to surfing the huge number of channels offered in our cable package lineup and then realize that we only watch few of them. The move to cut cable appeals the most to folks who want to save money and are willing to change their TV watching habits. Consumers can enjoy an exciting new service and an interface that provides a great assortment of TV and movies through online streaming.
Cut Cable And Stream TV With TikiLIVE
Everywhere you go nowadays, you will read about or hear people talking about “streaming.” There is a good reason for this. Streaming is the future of entertainment and it’s already here with TikILIVE. Join the growing numbers of cord cutters that have decided to cut cable and satellite TV!