3258274564_0b5b650c6b_oOne of the internet’s greatest strengths is its power to give each and every one of us a voice. While social networks and forums give us the ability to exchange viewpoints and ideas in text, there’s no substitute for the tried-and-true talk radio format to really bring these conversations to life and share them with a wide audience.

Do you have an idea for a radio talk show but are daunted by the prospect of getting it off the ground and on the air? Launching your own live talk radio show is easily within your reach, thanks to TikiLIVE’s Better Than Radio platform.

Our broadcasting system gives you the power to deliver the talk show you’ve always dreamed of to every internet-enabled device around the world, in crystal-clear high-definition audio. Share the conversations you have with:


•       Politicians

•       Artists

•       Musicians

•       Athletes

•       Media personalities

•       Educators

•       Church representatives

•       Celebrities

•       Businesspeople

•       Thought leaders

You don’t need to be a broadcasting expert to get your live talk show on the air. And you don’t need a big initial investment to get it going. The Better Than Radio platform gives you everything you need to broadcast, promote and even monetize your talk radio show.

Set Up Your Radio Channel From a Mobile Device

With your TikiLIVE Better Than Radio station, your talk show streams to an HTML5 player that can be played on iOS, Android 4.0+ and other mobile devices. The reach this gives your talk show is incredible — you truly have a potentially global audience.

These mobile devices are all you need to schedule your talk show. No specialized studio equipment is required. You can access your account dashboard and set up events on radio channels or even create new audio playlists.

  • No lengthy, complex, and tedious equipment setup
  • No wasting your guests’ time while you tinker with technical matters
  • No support staff needed to produce and broadcast the show
  • No expensive investment in studio equipment with limited uses

Our robust content delivery system ensures that your show streams without buffering delays or other annoying playback hiccups. With its fast and easy setup, you spend less time on the technical side of broadcasting and more time focusing on the real reason you’re doing this: your conversations with your guests and sharing information with your audience.

Social Media: Don’t Just Promote Your Show, Deliver It!

Promoting your talk show on social media is a given, but TikiLIVE Better Than Radio takes social media integration to the next level. With it, you can publish your radio station directly to Facebook and Twitter with an embedded player, making your talk show instantly available to millions of social media users who can easily share your station and grow your audience. Making your show this readily available is also a great way to connect with potential guests for your show.

Give Your Show a Home on the Web

Better Than Radio broadcasters also get a free WordPress site to serve as their live station’s home base. We offer a wide selection of templates and design elements for you to choose from, so you’re certain to find a look and feel for your site that is a perfect fit for your show.

Your radio station page can also have a live chat feed enabled so you can open up your show to questions and other feedback from the audience. A news ticker is also available to promote upcoming events or your other web outlets during the broadcast. Our support team is always available to help if you run into any issues.

By The Numbers: TikiLIVE Tracks Your Listenership

TikiLIVE’s Radio Channels Statistics feature gives you the breakdown on when people are listening to your show. You can enter a date range and get a graph showing you the number of listeners and bandwidth used. You can even drill down by time of day and length of listening session. This feature is indispensable in helping you understand whether your show is gaining traction as scheduled or if some tweaking is in order.

Get Paid Doing What You Love: Monetizing Your Talk Show

With TikiLIVE Better Than Radio, you get all the tools you need to produce a first-rate internet radio talk show, but that’s not all! We’ve also built in channels for generating revenue as well.

You can make your channel available by paid subscription only, and TikiLIVE’s My Sales module tracks and collects funds for subscription payments.

You can build a WordPress shopping cart into your radio station page, and offer digital downloads of previous broadcasts or other show-related merchandise.

You can sell tickets to live broadcasts or special events, with My Sales tracking tickets sold and funds collected.

We also have an affiliate program that offers broadcasters a percentage of signup fees for every new subscription they’re directly responsible for as well as a percentage of that account’s ongoing subscription fees.

As you grow your listenership with the promotional tools TikiLIVE provides, your opportunities for generating revenue from your talk show grow as well.


You have the topics and ideas. You have the interviewing and conversation skills. You have the desire to make your voice heard and share your guests’ points of view with the world. Now that you’ve seen how easily TikiLIVE Better Than Radio can make your talk show a reality, all that remains is for you to sign up for an account and make TikiLIVE your partner in live broadcasting.

If you have any questions about getting started or how to use the Better Than Radio platform, give us a call at (305) 743-6722.