Create a Private Live Streaming Channel on RokuSo you’ve started to create content and you’re trying to figure out how to grow your audience and keep them coming back for more, right? Unfortunately this is the goal of almost every content creator online.

With the widespread adoption of high-speed Internet paired with the accelerated rate at which new technology is released, a new marketplace has been created where it’s increasingly easy to create content online. This has resulted in large number of individuals and organizations creating video content online.

While some of this content is extremely compelling, much of it is not. As a content creator it’s important that you follow the steps below to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Create Compelling Content

This may sound obvious but if you want to stand out among your competitors, your content has to offer something that can’t be found elsewhere. Maybe it’s a compelling story line or professional editing—whatever the case may be, it’s important that your content is different.

Before you ever actually create your content, you must think through exactly what you are trying to accomplish. This can allow you to build an outline as to how your video content will flow, which will usually produce a much more engaging finished product. Create a script for any dialogue and practice with all of the video participants to ensure that the video looks professional.

Market Across Multiple Platforms

Creating your video content is difficult enough, but you’re likely not prepared for all of the marketing that needs to be done to grow your audience online. You’ll want to ensure you have a website to market your content as well as multiple social media accounts to keep your audience aware of any new content that you release.

With a streaming provider like TikiLIVE, marketing to multiple platforms is extremely easy. TikiLIVE offers each account holder their very own WordPress powered website where they can share all of their video content.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress it’s a platform that makes it extremely easy for anyone to quickly share content online without any technical experience. By adding this functionality to TikiLIVE you don’t have to worry about spending a large amount of money creating a website.

Just like creating a website is easy thanks to TikiLIVE, sharing your content across all of your social media platforms is also as simple as clicking a few buttons. TikiLIVE offers full support for the major social media platforms so that you can instantly share your content with your audience to help build interest.

It’s crucial to share your compelling video content on your social media outlets, as they’re the perfect platforms to share your content. Your followers will then share your content with their friends, producing a potential viral marketing effect.

Choose a Reliable Content Provider

If you only have a few viewers, you may think you can get away with hosting your content on one of the free streaming providers. The problem with this approach is that as the popularity of your content grows, your user’s viewing experience will wane.

If you want to be fully invested in creating high quality content, it’s important that you partner with a streaming provider that will be able to support your audience, regardless of size. TikiLIVE offers a robust content delivery network that will ensure all of your content is easily accessible by viewers across the world.

With servers located across the globe, you’ll never have to worry about many of the common headaches such as buffering and latency, which are often seen with free streaming providers.

Ensure Your Content is Accessible on Mobile Devices

Online content, especially videos are increasingly being accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This can create a series of problems for streaming providers that may not have the latest technology that allows their videos to easily be streamed to mobile devices.

TikiLIVE has long understood the importance of mobile users. Our service offers support for HTML5, which is the primary method that mobile phones and tablets prefer to access video content.

This means that your viewers will easily be able to access your content from any mobile device while on the go. If you’re not catering to mobile users with your content, you could be missing out on a huge segment of your target audience.

At last, check more than 50% of all Internet traffic originated from mobile devices. Are you doing everything you can to target this huge portion of your potential viewing audience?

Join the iPTV Revolution

Another huge segment of your audience could be iPTV subscribers. More and more people are cutting their cable and satellite subscriptions and replacing them with streaming solutions from providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Would you be surprised to know that you too can have your content show up alongside these large providers?

With TikiLIVE, your content can be instantly shared with iPTV subscribers across all of the most popular devices. Whether your viewers access your content from an Apple TV device, Roku set top box or Chromecast, you’ll easily be able to share all of your content with ease.

You can even create your very own iPTV network complete with all of your own branding if you would like. TikiLIVE allows you to compete with the big players in the iPTV world, but without the huge outlays of infrastructure and technology that is normally required.

Start Building Your Audience Today!

With all of the technology available today, there should be no reason why you can’t begin creating high quality video content as soon as today. By partnering with a streaming provider like TikiLIVE, you can ensure that you have the tools necessary to not only stream your content, but also grow your audience. For more information about growing your viewing audience, feel free to contact our team today at 305-743-6722.