How to Monetize Your Video ContentYou put a lot of care and effort into adding value to your videos to make them the best they can be. Why not get paid for it? Not only does TikiLIVE make it easy to share your content across digital and mobile devices worldwide, but it also gives you a number of ways to generate revenue from your video channels.

Whether you want to create a pay-per-view on-demand video, a live streaming event, or a subscription-based channel, TikiLIVE has built-in tools that make collecting funds for your content as easy as it makes hosting and sharing it. There are a few other ways that TikiLIVE can help you monetize your videos. Let’s explore a few together!

Live Pay-Per-View Events: They’re Not Just for Cable Anymore

Live pay-per-view events have been a lucrative staple of cable broadcasting for decades, enabling events to reach a far larger audience than its physical location could contain. Because a live broadcast of an event is the next best thing to actually being there, this adds value to the broadcast that people are willing to pay for.

Fortunately, TikiLIVE has ticketing features built right into its hosting platform, eliminating the headaches and compatibility issues of using a third-party ticketing application for your content, with the added benefit of being viewable on any device. With TikiLIVE, you simply schedule the broadcast on your event calendar, choose which of your channels you will be broadcasting the event from, and enter your ticket price on the PPV Settings tab for your event.

When you enter a ticket price, the PPV Settings tab clearly shows you the amount of net income you will receive from each ticket, after TikiLIVE’s small transaction and site administration fees. Recurring pay-per-view events are also supported.

Once scheduled, pay-per-view events can be easily modified or deleted. TikiLIVE’s social media integration makes it easy to publicize your event on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. After the live event, you will receive payment for all tickets sold by the 17th of the following month.

Video on Demand: Ongoing Revenue for Your Content

The videos you have published to be viewed on demand can be set for pay-per-view as well, creating an ongoing stream of revenue for as long as you make the video available for viewing. Simply choose the video from your Media Library, and in its settings, click on the Pay Per View tab. As with live events, enter a ticket price in the field provided, and the tab will show you the amount you will receive for each ticket, less TikiLIVE’s site administration and transaction fees.

As with live events, TikiLIVE’s Monster Encoder will make sure your video is viewable on any device – even those that require HTML5 – including smartphones, tablets, desktop/laptop computers, and digital set-top boxes such as Roku (more on these later). Payments for your video-on-demand tickets sold are made by the 17th of the subsequent month.

Channel Manager Events: Ticketing for Video Playlists

If you have playlists of video content set to run on a channel at specified times or on a continuous loop, you can set these events as pay-per-view as well for ongoing revenue. Simply assign to a channel the playlist of videos you want to ticket for, schedule the playing of this playlist as an event on the Event Calendar, and enter the ticketing details on the PPV Settings tab for the event as described for live streaming events above. As with the other pay-per-view types, payment is issued for your playlist tickets sold by the 17th of the following month.

Easily Reach Roku Users with High-Definition Delivery

While TikiLIVE’s encoding for viewing across all mobile devices is an exciting benefit that enables your content to reach audiences worldwide without being tied to a physical location or television set, many people still enjoy the ritual of relaxing in front of the large screens of their TVs for watching video. For these people, TikiLIVE makes it easy to make your video channels available on Roku and other digital set-top boxes for high-definition viewing of your pay-per-view content.

With this outlet, viewers don’t need to log into your TikiLIVE site; they simply add your channel from the Channel Store, choose the content they want to watch, and enter payment details to view. Viewers can view your pay-per-view live events, video on demand, and channel playlists easily from the comfort of their living rooms, delivered in TikiLIVE HD Wave’s high-definition quality. And unlike traditional home-broadcasting technologies, what a viewer can watch is not limited by geography or cable company, giving your content and your revenue-earning opportunities a potentially global reach.

Other Ways to Generate Revenue with TikiLIVE

Advertising: TikiLIVE supports the following types of ads to be shown on playback of your video content:

● AdSense: Google AdSense banners can be set to display on your channel page below the video content. Enter your AdSense code on the Channel Options & Privacy tab of a channel’s settings. Contact Google about getting started with their AdSense program.
● Pre-roll Ads: Ads that display when the viewer lands on your video or channel.
● Middle-roll Ads: Ads that display in mid-playback of your video.
● Post-roll Ads: Ads that display at the end of your video.

Contact TikiLIVE about using pre-roll, middle-roll, and post-roll ads. Our team can help you decide which is right for you, whether to use full-screens or banners, at what interval to display the ads, as well as other issues.

Subscriptions: TikiLIVE supports the purchase of renewable subscriptions for your channels. Contact TikiLIVE about how to set this up.

Let TikiLIVE Help You Sell Your Content for What It’s Worth

When you’re passionate about something, it has value to you, and chances are it has value to others as well. People are willing to pay for content that presents their passions to them in a new way, or that just lets them celebrate their passions for a while. TikiLIVE can be your partner in bringing your video content to people worldwide who care about what you have to share and are willing to support it with their ticket purchases. For more information about how this can work for you, contact us today!