How To Start a TV Broadcasting CompanyYears ago, the thought of starting a TV broadcasting company was only reserved for extremely wealthy types who owned thousands of acres of land out in the Midwest, or vacationed on large yachts in the Caribbean, or both. With advances in technology and the drop in prices of video cameras and computers, almost anyone can now purchase the tools necessary to start a TV broadcasting company for a relatively small amount of money.

Infrastructure & Delivery are Important

One important part of an effective broadcasting network is the infrastructure on which the content will be distributed. Sure, you may be able to start a TV network out of your mother’s basement, but what happens when thousands of users try to access your content? Well, your servers will likely crash and your dreams of starting a TV broadcasting company will quickly be over. This is why, before putting any plans in place for becoming the next Fox News or CNN, you must ensure that you are using a robust infrastructure that can handle the demand of your growing user base.

While there are many providers that will host your video content, few offer the many features of TikiLIVE.Whether you are looking to broadcast your content to TV viewers, mobile viewers or viewers accessing your content from their computers – TikiLIVE is here to help.

If you are ready to start your TV broadcasts, follow the following simple steps to get up and running with TikiLIVE in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Recording Your Video Content

When you are recording your video, you have a few options. You can choose to record using a video camera, smartphone or a camera on your computer. While smartphones are great for spur of the moment videos when you are trying to possibly get a break on a hot story, they are limited in their lighting, audio and zoom capabilities. Some computers are also equipped with video cameras, but the video and audio quality often will not suffice for a professional video recording. If you can secure a video camera, you (and your audience) will likely be much more impressed with the finished product.

TikiLIVE’s HD Wave is a robust broadcasting software package that allows you to easily record and stream your video content to all sorts of devices including mobile phones, tablets and set top boxes from manufacturers like Roku.

Step 2: Uploading Your Content to TikiLIVE

Now that you have recorded your video you have to get it out to your fans or followers. With some video content providers this can be extremely difficult, but that’s not so with TikiLIVE.Using TikiLIVE’s Dashboard you can easily upload your video by clicking on the Upload Media tab. Next, click on My Videos and you can view all of the videos that you’ve uploaded allowing you to do a variety of things:

  • Access Your Videos – View the videos that you have previously uploaded as well as encoded.
  • Monster Encoder – If your videos are in either FLV or MP4 formats you can use TikiLIVE’s Monster Uploader to post these videos to your TikiLIVE Dashboard.
  • HTML5 Compatibility – With TikiLIVE’s revolutionary Monster Encoder, you can create videos that are HTML5 compatible. This allows all of your videos to be viewable across devices, even on mobile phones, tablets and set top boxes.
  • Edit Video Details – Once videos are in your dashboard, you can then edit details such as title, description and even make small edits like cropping if necessary
  • Monetization Options – Once your videos become popular, you can look into a variety of monetization methods. Sell access to your previously recorded content through TikiLIVE’s pay per view module or sell tickets to your live broadcasts to generate additional income. TikiLIVE also integrates with other monetization platforms like Google AdSense, monthly subscriptions and video ads.
  • Analytics – You can also view your video analytics through the TikiLIVE dashboard. This allows you to see which videos are performing well and which ones are not. These statistics can allow you to tweak your video content strategy based on user behavior. No need to wait for the Nielsen ratings to be released, with TikiLIVE you have instant access to your user’s viewing habits.
  • YouTube Integration – Upload your videos once to the TikiLIVE dashboard and they can be instantly synced with your YouTube account. Sharing your video content across as many platforms as possible will help to increase your viewership.
  • White Label Capabilities – Looking to create your own IPTV network? No problem with TikiLIVE.Upload your logo and tailor the entire user experience based on your preferences. Your users do not need to know that your IPTV network sits on TikiLIVE’s robust infrastructure.

Step 3: Broadcast Your Content Across Multiple Devices

As a newly formed TV broadcaster, you need to get your content in front of as many people as possible to grow your audience. This means reaching your user base wherever they may be at anytime. Where 10 years ago, most viewers accessed content from their television at home, this is no longer the case. Now it is important to reach your viewers on smartphones, tablets, computers and set top boxes.

Publish Your Content To Roku Devices

Roku is a popular set top box manufacturer that has largely taken the IPTV world by storm over the past few years. TikiLIVE integrates seamlessly into the Roku platform. Use the steps below to get your content seen by Roku Devices.

  1. Login to your TikiLIVE user account.
  2. Navigate to the menu bar and click on your Media Library.
  3. Click My Videos.
  4. Select the video that you want to stream to Roku devices.
  5. Scroll down to the External Devices portion of the page.
  6. Change the Available on Roku option to Yes.
  7. Click Update for Devices.
  8. Your content is now viewable on Roku devices!

Partner With TikiLIVE to Start Your Own Broadcasting Network

As you can see, starting your own broadcasting network with TikiLIVE is not as far fetched as you may have originally thought. If you are interested in getting your content seen online, contact TikiLIVE today and we will help you get an account setup today.