If You're Not Live Streaming in HD, You're Doing It WrongHigh definition video used to be only available to TV networks with deep pockets and extremely expensive equipment. As the cost of technology has dropped significantly over the past few years it is has become much more affordable to live stream content in HD. Use the following tips to learn how to live stream in HD without having to invest in expensive equipment.

Choose a Top Notch Content Delivery Network

The first step in live streaming online is finding a top quality streaming provider to store and stream your content. While this may seem like an easy decision, it is actually one of the most important aspects of an effective video marketing strategy. While there are free providers out there that claim to effectively stream your content, be extremely cautious with whom you choose to host your content. It may seem like a small decision today, but as your video content begins to become more popular, free providers can begin to cause a variety of problems for you.

  • Buffering Issues – When you use a free provider, your content is placed on servers that are shared with hundreds, if not thousands of other users. This means that as your content becomes more popular you must compete with other individuals or companies who also are publishing popular videos. Free providers do not necessarily put the same level of effort into ensuring that your content streams effectively because you are not paying for the service. This can result in buffering issues that can quickly cause your users to look elsewhere for video content.
  • Issues with Advertisements in Videos – Free video providers must make money somehow and advertisements are often the primary revenue source for these providers. What many people do not realize is that these advertisements often appear within your videos or alongside your videos. These advertisements are often related to your videos, which can encourage your users to stop watching your videos and explore what the advertisers have to offer. This can be extremely frustrating as you are trying to build a loyal following online.
  • Lack of Branding Opportunities – Many free video providers offer very little branding options when hosting your videos. This is obviously because the content providers are more focused on gaining more users rather than on promoting your brand.

TikiLIVE is a leading video streaming provider that is focused on delivering your video content in the most efficient way possible. With TikiLIVE you have full control over what types of advertisements are to be featured in your videos, if any, and you are able to completely brand your online video channels based on your company’s look and feel.

Ensure Your Videos Are Optimized for Mobile Devices

Aside from choosing a high quality streaming provider, next on your must-have list is a provider that allows your content to be viewed across all types of mobile devices. With smartphone and tablet Internet usage exploding, the importance of having full support for mobile devices is incredibly important. The difficulty is that with different mobile devices having various screen resolutions it can be hard to cater to each type of mobile device.

One relatively new technology that helps to combat this problem is HTML5. This web based programming language allows websites to easily be viewable across various mobile devices. Streaming provider TikiLIVE offers full HTML5 support to ensure that all of your videos are instantly supported across all smartphones and tablets regardless of brand or model.

Website Integration is Important

In the online world, exposure is everything. Sharing your video content across all types of online mediums allows you to gain followers and ensures that you are not relying on one platform for traffic.

TikiLIVE recognized the importance of integrating your videos into your own website very early and has actually introduced a fully integrated website into each online users control panel. This handy feature allows each TikiLIVE user to have a full fledged WordPress website that is integrated directly into your TikiLIVE account. This makes it extremely easy for you to not only share your videos to your TikiLIVE channel, but also allows you to share videos to your website.

Depending on your audience you may have some users who prefer to view your content on your website while others prefer to view your content on a mobile device or even through a set top box. With TikiLIVE all of this is possible and more!

Customer Service is Always Key

Isn’t it funny that while technology has advanced exponentially, customer service hasn’t?! At TikiLIVE we think this is unfortunate. We think that our commitment to customer service is one of the factors that differentiate us from our competitors.

With many other content providers you may be lucky to find a contact form on a website when you are having issues. After submitting your support request there is about a 50/50 shot as to whether you will ever hear back. At TikiLIVE we look at this type of support as unacceptable.

We offer phone support as well as email and live chat support to ensure that we are always available to answer your questions. This commitment to our customers has been one of the primary drivers of our success over the past several years.

Understand the Benefits of HD Live Streaming?

Now that you’ve seen how you can benefit from HD live streaming, it’s time to take your video content strategy to the next level. By partnering with TikiLIVE you can be streaming live HD content from your mobile phone or computer in a matter of minutes. Thanks to our high-quality HD Wave software even a beginner can begin streaming live video with ease.

If you still have questions about how to get started with live HD streaming or you want to learn a bit more about what TikiLIVE has to offer, contact us today!