Listen to Live Streaming Pastors OnlineContemporary churches are using technology in the form of bright lights, large video screens, engaging music and streaming video to reach congregation members inside the building as well as online.

As churches look to minister to as many people as possible, live streaming is becoming a great way for pastors to share their message without much additional work. Churches that are beginning to live stream their services are seeing a huge spike in interest.

Reach out to Your Congregation Regardless of Location

One disadvantage that traditional churches have is that they can only preach to members that get up and come to church. While churches can participate in community outreach in order to reach potential new members, it can still be difficult to achieve the right level of growth.

By live streaming, churches are able to allow visitors to enjoy their service from home. This allows visitors to get a feel for a church prior to visiting in person. Many people are more willing to give a church a try online rather than going to the actual church and risking not having a good experience.

Aside from reaching new members, live streaming is also great for reaching current members who are either traveling or stuck at home for a variety of reasons. Think about the ability to reach church members that are stationed overseas with the armed forces or members who are disabled and simply can’t make it to church each week.

Live streaming services can become a ministry in itself, reaching those who simply can’t get to church for a variety of reasons.

Promote Other Church Events

While a pastor’s sermon broadcast is likely the most popular content to be streamed to visitors and congregation members, it is far from the only type of content that can be streamed online.

Think about the ability to stream some of your church’s community events and ministry outreach programs, or why not use video as a way to better reach your existing congregation.

Is your church a bit short on money for this year’s budget? Why not take a video of areas of the church that will benefit from congregation members giving a little more.

Video is an incredible medium that can truly connect your congregation with the church in ways that were unimaginable just a few short years ago.

Redefine the Act of Church Planting

Church planting is the act by which a new church is established in a new area. Many times church plants are offshoots of a larger church in the same area or in a neighboring town.

Church plants are often started in areas where growth is expected, but they can be very risky. If a larger church is sponsoring a church plant it must finance new staff members and lease space to determine if a church plant can turn into a larger satellite church.

With live streaming a lot of this initial expense can be avoided. If you are looking to start a church in a certain area, why not encourage people in that area to watch your church service streamed online.

You can get quality feedback from potential congregation members to determine if a church plant is warranted in the new area that you are exploring.

Document Your Mission Work

Mission work is one of the cornerstones of most churches. Many times there are a small number of people involved, while the vast majority of the congregation isn’t.

Some churches are realizing that their congregation members are more than willing to help out with mission work once they see the huge benefits that can be had from participating.

Churches around the country are beginning to document their ministry work through videos, which really allows everyone in the church to see just how much of an impact the church has in the community.

Many people think of mission work as a way to help others, when in fact many people come back from a mission trip or event feeling as if they learned much more from those they were serving.

If your church is doing great things in the community or even across the world, why not document this ministry through video?

Connect with Church Missionaries

Many churches have missionaries that may be members of the church but are often traveling, usually abroad to serve the underprivileged in poverty stricken pockets of the world.

These missionaries can often feel disconnected from their home church and other church members can also feel as if they don’t really understand where their donations may be going to support these missionaries.

With video streaming this can all change. You can easily send a simple video camera along with your missionaries and have them document their ministry to then be viewed by your congregation.

Think of the power of opening up your sermon with a 2-3 minute video of one of your church missionaries reaching out to the underprivileged somewhere across the globe.

This level of connection should bring a new appreciation for missionaries among your congregation members who can now really see the benefits of their donations.

Ready To Bring Your Church Into The 21st Century With Live Streaming?

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Our services offer an easy way for you to live stream your sermons as well as any other videos that you see fit.

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